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ohiofreightcariconOhio Freight Car Services LLC. is located on the Republic Short Line Railroad property in Massillon, Ohio. Our location, capabilities, and employees offer our customers several distinct advantages when it comes to keeping your fleet in service.

Our Northeast Ohio location places us in the middle of several corridors allowing us to service your railcars with minimum shipping cost and delay.

With our equipment, we have heavy repair capabilities to handle the biggest of fixes and with our seasoned personnel, we have the experience to complete almost any rail car related task.

Through our knowledgeable employees and extensive business networks, we can offer customized solutions to a range of needs in the rail industry. We desire to help you to get rail cars repaired effectively and efficiently, getting you back on track, on time.


  • We are situated alongside 6 miles of track that connects to both Norfolk Southern and CSX (by way of RJ Corman), meaning that we are easily accessible and have ample space for unit train repair.
  • Our team has many years of experience in the heavy car repair industry, including post derailment repair.
  • We have several certified welders to get your cars fixed quickly AND correctly.
  • We are air test certified
  • We can lift and repair loaded cars


  • Railcar Inspections
  • Gusset and Side Stake Repair/Replacement
  • Remarking and Stenciling
  • Spread Side Repair
  • Truck Replacement
  • Gate/Door/Hatch Repair
  • Wheel Set Replacement
  • Lease Returns
  • Safety Appliance Repair
  • Rail Car Scrapping
  • AEI Tag Programming
  • Side Sill Repair
  • Coupler/Draft Gear/Yoke ‐ Repair/Replacement
  • Air Tests
  • Wheel Well Installation
  • Brake System Repair

If you would like to learn more information about Ohio Freight Car Services LLC. or inquire about more of our services, please contact Joe DelGallo via e‐mail at jad@ohiofreightcarservices.com or via phone at (330)934‐0398. Have a safe day!


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