Massillon Logistics is all about The Haul.

Massillon Logistics is unique for many reasons, but the key reason is our ability to provide several services in one location. Let’s say you need to move your product by rail: Republic Short Line Railroad (RSL) is directly connected to two Class I rail carriers (Norfolk Southern & CSX by way of RJ Corman). RSL can bring your products in to our facility. From there, Ohio Freight Car Services (OFCS) can inspect your cars to ensure that they are functioning properly and make any repairs if necessary. Additionally, Tiger Sand & Gravel is producing the aggregate for the foundation of your new facility on our 465 acre site to help you better meet the needs of your customers.

Whatever your needs are, Massillon Logistics would like to see how we can be of service.

Tiger Sand & Gravel is the premier producer of sand and gravel in Massillon, Ohio. We carry a full line of slag, crushed concrete, ODOT limestone and ODOT sand and gravel, and specialize in high volume sales and service.

Republic Short Line (RSL) is a full service railroad that offers competitive rates when it comes to storage, transloading, warehousing/laydown and other rail needs.

Ohio Freight Car Services specializes in repairs to your rail cars from realigning the sides of your gondolas to replacing air hoses or truck sets.

Tiger Tarps & Liners has a team of highly trained welders to customize your trailer including bed liners, man doors, accessories, and repair to any steel or aluminum trailer in addition to our industry-leading tarp repair and installation services. We work with all makes and models of trailers, including but not limited to dumps, scrap trailers, vans and even tanker trailers. We can custom cut, sew and fabricate your tarp right in our shop. Tiger Tarps & Liners also offers same day estimates and 48 hour turnaround time on most of our work.

Stark Transloading handles a variety of products for an array of customers daily. Companies from all over the world have seen the value in the services that Stark Transloading provides. Whether you need to move product from rail to truck or truck to rail, we can handle your product. We currently serve customers ranging from hazmat bulk liquids to cementitious products to food grade products that we warehouse and transload on the 465-acre facility known as the Massillon Energy & Technology Park.